Why be a reseller?

Indeed, why should you be a Reseller when there is RechardSport.us where anyone can order the products instantly?

The general answer is: because any effort you put into developing your reseller business adds value and will be rewarded. Now, consider ...

  • Regional sales - we have requests from local resellers from English-speaking countries; think what you can do in France, India, Russia, Spain, Japan...
  • Local community sales
  • Recommendation sales - When someone asking about replica online or offline, you can recommend your website
  • No stupid affiliate link suffix - like ?tag=AFFILIATE_ID, potential customers will consider what you are recommending is for ads purpose
  • Big Margin - 20% commission at least! Our reseller price can beat any competitor on the market, you will earn good profit!
With our generous fees even a single sale is worth spending 1 minute on joining the Reseller Program. What's more, a single "accidental" sale is a good news, because it is very likely to happen again. From that moment you start thinking about achieving a few more sales, and this is how business grows!

How does it works

Our eCommerce Bundle can Skyrocket Your Revenue!

You will get an independent website with your own domain. You can promote it anywhere.


We invested in a software which can manage our resellers' websites easily, including updating products, order management, modules and files updates.


No matter livechat, ticket or mail service, your customer will never know it is RechardSport providing the service

eCommerce Bundle -
Independent Website

We have cooperated with PerfectUS Inc., a professional design company, to provide professional and up-to-date zencart theme.

With our ecommerce bundle, we can help setup and manage your website, domain, ssl and email account on behalf of you. So you don't need to have any knowledge about web hosting.

Manage resellers' website

With our cluster management software, no matter 100 or 1000 resellers' websites, we can manage them easily.

What you just need to do is to promote your website.

Your client, Our service -
Whitelabel Service

We will integrate livechat software with your website.

Our livechat and ticket software will utilize your email account like [email protected] to service your customer.

We can even create a livechat operator account for you if requested(need extra $100, one time license fee), so that we can work together to service your client 24/7 .

We have been doing business from 2015, we have confidence you send client, we lead sales!

Available Themes

Professional and Up-to-date Zencart Theme.
8 homepage layout

8 homepage layout

13 homepage layout

13 homepage layout

How do you receive the money?

1. Commission option - After we receive the money from your client, we will send you commission immediately, no duration time. For example, a customer purchased a pair of jordan shoes at $150, our reseller price is $98, so we will send you $52 immediately via BTC.

2. Own payment method option - You can integrate with your own payment method as you will get independent website with soucrce code, you receive the money form your cient and then we will make quotation based on reseller price, you keep the profit and send the rest to us. For example, a customer purchased a pair of jordan shoes at $150, our reseller price is $98. After receiving $150, you send us $98 and keep the $52 for your profit.

3. 20% discount at least - Different products have different price and always change, so we need to make custom quotation each time to give you lowest price, but we can assure that you will get 20% discount at least!

The cost to join our reseller program

$500 setup fee
Your will get:
Free Domain Name
Unlimited webhosting space
Free SSL Certificate:
Free Business Email Account: [email protected]
Same website as ours: rechardsport.us
Update products series monthly

After 6months, renew price is $30
for every 6months.

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