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There is an interesting article written by a Chinese author talking about coronavirus. I agree with his points: Easier transmission but less power than influenza.

I translated the article via google translation service and edited somewhere that not native to easily misunderstand.



 Spanish flu

Because the whole of Europe was at a time, everyone was engaged in wartime news control. Despite the pain of millions of people on both sides being tortured by the flu, even the imperial empires were sick and couldn’t get up in bed. There are more people than those who died on the European battlefield, but the news media said nothing, and everyone thought that only the people around them had problems and fell into deep self-reflection.

At this time, Spain in the south of the Pyrenees was neutral, and the country still lived as usual, and the flow of people was large. The 8 million people in Spain were infected, reaching one-third of the population. After the war ended, countries began to announce the epidemic. Everyone thought about it and found that they were not the same disease that Spain said every day. It turned out to be them. It was transmitted to everyone, so this flu has an inexplicable name: Spanish flu.

After the “World War I”, the Spanish flu show has just begun, and it is not a wave. It lasted for three waves, from the United States to Europe, from Mesopotamia to Heilongjiang, China, and even Eskimos hiding in the Arctic Circle were full. Devastated and even more tragic, the Eskimos have a ridiculously high mortality rate of up to 90%, making up for the few epidemics that were missed.

In the end, one in five people worldwide became ill, and the number of deaths is still unclear. It was said to be 30 million before, but it is obviously underestimated. India says that they died 20 million alone. Do you think Indians are not human? So in recent years, it has been revised to say that it is at least 50 million. India says that you really did not treat Indians as humans.

Here’s something to pay attention to. Americans later discovered that people born before 1918 had antibodies in their bodies, indicating that all Americans were infected with Spanish flu at that time, but only 1 in 5 people had symptoms. Pay attention to the virus. Many people have this characteristic after infection, but others do not, and they will die if they become infected.

In the spring of 1919, the disease suddenly disappeared in the world without a trace. At that time, scientists all over the world were studying the situation, but nothing was found, and it was not enough time to understand the mechanism, principle, and treatment of the situation, and it disappeared. .

The Spanish flu is a bit like a mysterious killer who has no feelings, come and go without a trace, come to our world silently, and quietly go after harvesting tens of millions of lives.

Therefore, the medical community began to study this issue desperately, hoping that there would be a way to find the characteristics similar to the killer, and next time it appeared again, it would be sent to the police station on the spot.

 Battle of the Flu

In 1919, humans soon became free of the flu virus, but scientists found that after the Spanish flu ended, pigs became ill.

Through detailed and complicated research, American scientists found that the swine flu was obtained by humans before, that is to say, humans infected pigs with the virus.

This can scare everyone, not just scared, the conclusion is almost a bit desperate, because it means that the Spanish pandemic of 1918 never went away, just transferred from humans to animals, ready at any time Walk back.

It’s a bit like a serial killer coming up from a small town. After killing a bunch of people, he left silently. Later, there are signs on the rivers and lakes where he committed crimes elsewhere. What do you think? Are you very worried about coming back someday?

So the task of the scientist is to find the killer as soon as possible, and paste his head to the village entrance to prevent it from coming back. Similar to the smallpox we mentioned above, despite its bad spots, smallpox is very stable in shape and can be easily identified. It is extinct when people around the world are vaccinated. Humans hope to find the characteristics of the flu like a smallpox, make a vaccine, and eliminate it further.

At that time, the ability to sequence genes was in the beginning. It can only be inferred. Later, genetic engineering developed. Humans found a few dead people refrigerated in the ice in Alaska and verified that any influ is family tree with Spanish flu, well it hasn’t not that toxic afterwards.

However, it quickly became clear that when investigating the virus in pigs, it was found that the flu virus was not the same as smallpox, and the mutation speed was extremely fast. It was as easy as a murderer every day and could not be prevented at all.

The reason is that smallpox has a double-stranded DNA structure and looks like this:

RNA is a single-stranded structure, which is equivalent to half of DNA. RNA is inherently unstable. Generally, there is no vaccine for RNA viruses. Vaccines cannot keep up with the mutation speed of viruses, such as AIDS, and that stuff is also RNA.

Fortunately, although the killer is easy to accommodate every day, some characteristics do not change much. For example, there are two naturally occurring proteins on the surface of the influenza virus, one is red blood cell hemagglutinin, the English word for this thing is huge, and H beginning. Later, we discovered a neuroamino acid enzyme protein. The English language starts with N and the virus changes, but there are two proteins in each appearance. It is a bit like Jet Li ’s movie. Gangster killers inside are often cosmetic, but they are worn every time they appear. Suits use depleted uranium cartridges, which are the hallmarks of killers, similar to the H and N proteins on viruses.

Since then, the flu has been represented by HXNX, such as the well-known H1N1, H5N1, which refers to the two types of proteins on the surface of the virus. The Spanish flu we mentioned earlier is H1N1.

If you still do n’t understand, think about the killer. For the first time wearing Armani holding a pistol, we can call him “Pistol Armani”, the second time with a shotgun to wear Gucci, we call him “shotgun Gucci”.

In addition, the flu virus changes very quickly, and it is impossible to vaccinate at all. It is a bit like a wanted posted this year and unable to catch the killer after a plastic surgery next year.

In order to deal with this rapidly mutating virus, scientists also have an idea. Their solution is to establish a global network. Let ’s monitor it together. If you find a powerful flu virus this year, you will be alerted globally and the vaccine will be produced quickly. Annual vaccination is similar to updating criminal characteristics regularly.

But this is easier said than done. The vaccine is a complex social project. Think about it first, you need to sample, you need to analyze it, and finally you have to send it to all parts of the country after production. If it’s a little slower, the epidemic is over and the vaccine is not finished.

For example, in 1957, the World Health Organization pre-judged the virus in advance, and the United States was very active in production, but the epidemic has passed, and the United States vaccine has not yet been distributed. In the end, 70,000 people died in the United States, 30,000 died in the United Kingdom, and the world Two million people, other countries have not announced, but the estimates are similar, but some countries are less mobility, which epidemic situation were not severe, the United States is more developed, the country on the wheel, the virus spread to every corner of the entire country.

In 1976, another incident happened. In that year, the US medical-related departments predicted that large-scale swine flu would occur in that year, and various vaccine companies stepped up production, but they were full of loopholes from the beginning. In the end, many vaccines were distributed and the flu did not come. Everyone panicked. This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that more than 3,000 people had a respiratory failure due to vaccines and almost died. Then a class action was triggered, asking the government to compensate $ 2.5 billion.

This incident has far-reaching effects. Everyone remembers the occurrence of fake vaccines in China in the past two years. After that, many people began to feel uneasy about domestic vaccines and even went abroad for vaccination.

The same is true in the United States. There have been problems with vaccines for many times. Many Americans also have a great deal of mistrust with vaccines. Many private institutions have been established to combat vaccines every day. These organizations have developed to this day, and they are even very powerful. There are even scientists in the organization. The theory is also a set. There is a widely circulated incident in the United States. There is no virus on the earth. The virus has coexisted with humans for tens of millions of years. Why has it suddenly attacked humans frequently in the past 100 years? The religious world also thinks how could God create a virus? Nothing is said in the Bible.

There is only one reason. All these are conspiracies of vaccine companies. They make up lies and ask everyone to spend money on vaccines every year.

Of course, we talk about this here not to respond to American cult organizations, but to say that the planning and implementation of public policies are completely different things, and it is easy to go wrong.

 Centennial War

At this point, you may want to ask, what is the relationship between the current flu in the United States and the original Spanish flu?

Yes, the current flu has evolved directly or indirectly from the original Spanish flu.

Then everyone may be a bit flustered. Will the flu evolve more and more?

This is not necessarily.

In fact, this problem is not complicated, it is not even a medical problem, and it belongs to a philosophical problem. For a virus, “transmission” and “toxicity” are not in one shoes.

It is well understood that if the toxicity is too strong, it is easy to kill the host, and it will not be transmitted to others, and the virus will not be transmitted. For example, people who eat bats have contracted the coronavirus. If that thing killed them instantly, everyone thought they had food poisoning, but it was difficult to spread.

I have read many papers. Scholars think that the spread of the coronavirus this time is very important because the virus is not very toxic. The host can take the virus to visit relatives and friends to play Mahjong.

In fact, well-transmitted virus are often not very toxic. It is best to infect the lungs, so that the virus enters the air during sneezing, so that the virus can be easily transmitted. And it’s best to walk around like nothing to spread the virus. Everyone talks about the AIDS. It also lurks for more than ten years. In the past ten years, the carrier of the virus is completely healthy.

The key reason why the Spanish flu was so big was that the great powers were fighting the World War at the time, and no one was concerned about it, and they were all engaged in news control. There was more or less human disaster in it.

On the whole, the medical community now generally believes that Spanish flu has not disappeared, but has disappeared in the human world, at the same time transferred to the animal world, and hybridized with animal genes to form new viruses and wait for the opportunity to sneak back into the human world.

In 2005, American scientists have completed genetic sequencing of the Spanish flu virus and confirmed that this thing was originally a bird flu virus. It should first be in chickens and then spread to humans. Later, the virus disappeared in humans and ran again. Birds and pigs are hiding there.

For example, there have been several times when the flu originated in southern China. International scholars have analyzed that people in southern China raise ducks. Ducks usually go for walks to interact closely with other birds. They accidentally come into contact with that highly infectious virus but don’t know it. When he came home with a big wave, he was infected again.

In short, the virus is like a messy one, walking around the streets, and coming every once in a while, sometimes people do n’t feel much, but sometimes they feel deep and unforgettable.

For example, in 2009, swine flu (H1N1) struck. This was a direct descendant of Spanish flu. At that time, it was thought that Spanish flu was back. The global shock caused WHO to raise the alert level to the highest level, and China also launched a high-level Response mechanism.

In the end, 61 million people in the United States were infected (yes, 61 million people), 12470 people died, and a picture was found. The United States CDC released:

However, please note that the 61 million is estimated by the United States based on data models, because most people think they have a cold, take anti-inflammatory drugs at home and prepare to carry them, and adults often pass without pressure, they do n’t know they have swine flu.

There must be some friends to ask at this time. What about China? What happened in China? China later confirmed 120,000 diagnoses and died 714.

However, according to the WHO ’s June 2009 map, China ’s severity is similar to that of the United States, but it ’s still the same thing we said above. Most people, especially adults, do n’t even know they have the flu, and think they caught a cold and went to work after taking a few tablets with some antibiotics. I seemed to have a bad cold at that time, and I probably got swine flu. I didn’t know it yet.

So how does the United States respond?

The United States distributed masks and did nothing else. The US Department of Health believes that the mortality rate is within the normal range. The observation is mainly based on the camera. It is not necessary to be impulsive. Normal treatment is sufficient. You can see the American way of thinking. .

Having said that, everyone may ask, are there any special medicines?

It doesn’t seem to be. The reason why I said “seems” is because I asked for a round, and said that it was not very good, including the dafie (the homonym is used here, I can’t afford to mess with it). I asked an expert for a special effect of A-stream, and said it was a special effect of fart. Later, I checked a few papers to confirm that the expert was right. This medicine has become increasingly ineffective in recent years. All parties questioned, and the side effects were very obvious.

Antibiotics are even more hopeless. We must repeatedly emphasize that antibiotics are directed against bacteria, and they have no use for virus. The immune system is mainly responsible for cleaning up the virus.

Generally, the immune system will be fine in a few days. The immune system may be troublesome. For example, this disease is very unfriendly to the elder, because the elder’s immune system is not good, and it is easy to have problems.

As for the flu in the U.S. this year, which has been hotly debated these days, just a few days ago, the well-known blogger on Weibo posted data. This is the data released by the United States CDC:

Everyone can see it, the numbers are shocking, but the more scary, the more it shows that the virus is actually not a big problem, tens of millions of people are infected, about 10,000 people die, and less than one-thousandth of the death rate, indicating this flu Still very mild.

Of course, releasing the data is not because we have discovered new trends in class struggle, but that the United States has the most complete data in this regard. I personally feel that other countries should be same.

And the United States is divided according to patient mortality:

Level 1: x <1/1000;
Level 2: 1/1000 <x <5/1000;
Three levels: 5/1000 <x <1/100;
Level 4: 1/100 <x 2/100;
Level 5: More than 2% counts as level 5, and Spanish flu is this level.

In other words, although the data of the CDC is very scary, in fact, it has a small impact between the first and second levels. Therefore, regardless of the government or the people in the United States, it is generally said that the mood is stable. Many people do not even take medicine. Little friends will not go to the hospital unless they have no choice but to go to the hospital. The doctor will give you more rest and prescribe painkillers and then charge 2,000 bucks. Most people choose to wait at home for a cold (many people in the United States think it is a cold), and many people are at home After praying a few times, his condition has improved, and the United States has not been listed as an affected area.

Speaking of which everyone may be a little bit confused, is our coronavirus grade 5? First look at the official announcement:

As of 24:00 on January 29, the National Health and Health Commission has received a cumulative report of 7711 confirmed cases in 31 provinces. There are currently 1370 severe cases and 170 death cases, 124 cases cured with 12,167 suspected cases.

In this way, the mortality rate of patients with coronavirus is as high as 2%, but if you pay close attention, you can find that the data in the United States are estimates. First, sampling and then using mathematical models to measure how many people get sick, instead of directly counting After all, the number of people going to the hospital is small and serious. Many people may not feel the disease after they get sick, or they may think they have a cold, or they may have no symptoms. They did not go to the hospital. These people were ignored and had to be used. The mathematical model plus this part of the population may change completely after adding that. This is why recently it has been said that the virus is not as toxic as flu, and everyone can pay attention. We will not elaborate.

 Death is not dead

After the Spanish flu, scientists went on to study it hundreds of years. So far, we have achieved both optimistic and pessimistic expectations.

On the pessimistic side, there have been five large-scale visits in a century, and he will come back every few years in the future. No matter whether you like it or not, he will always be uninvited, and it will mutate rapidly.

The Chinese have always put colds and flu together, thinking they are the same thing, in fact they are not the same thing at all. The fatal case of flu is much larger than we thought. I found a picture:

Many people say that every winter is an issue for the elder, and flu is one of the reasons.

However, there are also optimism. In the past 100 years, human civilization has already equipped with a response mechanism and processing method to combat this large-scale epidemic, and the human immune system and the virus have performed a hundred-year complex double dance. Each other has completed their own evolution through change to change. This is why from 1919 to today, the Spanish flu has caused huge casualties for the first time, and since then it has hardly succeeded, and it is estimated that it will be the same in the future.

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