About CoronaVirus in China

Let’s explain the situation in China as we received some concern from our customer about the virus.

  1. Virus cannot keep alive without human body within 24-48hours. It contracts human-to-human.
  2. We still purchase vegetables, fruit and other things as usual.
  3. Everyone is wearing mask outside and recommended not crowded. So that theater, supermarket, restaurant have already closed at the moment, but we are safe. For example, there is no one patient yet in my city, which has 1.3 million people.
  4. Not like SARS, CoronaVirus is easier to contract people, but less power, a lot of patient have been cured. It’s most likely an influenza. Some old people or one has other healthy issue like diabetes could not go through it.
  5. So the virus situation could not be that severe as what you see from news, what Chinese government have been doing is just for virus isolation.

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